Moma Sandrine

Moma Sandrine

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I am Moma Sandrine, from the North West Region of Cameroon. I attended both primary and secondary school in my region of birth.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree, BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Buea. Thereafter, I started practicing as a journalist in the private sector from 2016.

I have since then worked with different radio, television and newspaper agencies. As time went on, I developed interest in blogging which I started practicing gradually. I am equally a trained and certified peace journalist.

Growing up in the North West as at the time I was young has a totally different narrative from now. To this effect, my interest in peace building became more evident as I started engaging myself in training other journalists on peaceful communication as a means to curb the conflicts in our country.

Currently, I work in the North West Region of the country. I am a blogger I am also a digital rights advocate, a peace journalist, designer and event host. I have trained at least 10 young journalists on skills in news gathering and dissemination. I have equally offered training to Journalists and members of Civil Society Organisations on Humanitarian reporting and Peaceful Communication. I am an excellent social media manager. I have worked as social media manager for PENASED Cameroon and currently, I serve as social media manager for GIDICom.

I look forward to having more journalists trained on « Peace Journalism » so that we can collectively change the narratives in our society.

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